BSCA Updates Recommendations for Annual Servicing for Gas Appliances

British Columbia - BCSAOn February 23, 2017, the British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA) issued a revision to Information Bulletin B-G5 071019 3 (Rev. 01) entitled “Annual Servicing for Gas Appliances”.

This revised bulletin outlines the items that home owners should ensure are covered in annual servicing of gas appliances.  The bulletin provides service checklists covering several areas including:

  • General Gas Furnace Checklist
  • General Gas Boiler Checklist
  • General Hot Water Heater Checklist
  • Gas Fireplace Cleaning and Servicing
  • Signs that servicing is required immediately
  • Natural Gas or Propane Leaks

The bulletin also reminds home owners that the servicing and maintenance of gas appliances must be completed by a certified gas fitter employed by a BCSA licenses gas contractor.

To read and download a copy of the bulletin, click on the “Read More” button below.

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