BCSA Clarifies Training Requirements to Work on Propane Storage Tanks

British Columbia - BCSAOn October 25, 2016, the British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA) issued Directive D-BP/GA-2016-01 named “Personnel Inspection and Maintenance Certification Requirements for Propane Storage Tanks.”

The directive clarifies the training/certification requirements for individuals performing regulated work on propane storage tanks.  Specifically, the BCSA requires individuals who conduct periodic visual inspections of in-service propane storage tanks and PRVs to be the holder of a record of training for a course approved for use by the BCSA, such as the Fuels Learning Centre course “Visual Tank and PRV Inspection“.

Additionally, the directive clarifies that individuals who replace or repair fittings and gauges on propane storage tanks must possess an active Class A or Class B Gasfitter Certificate of Qualification while working under a valid Gas Contractor’s License.

Finally, the directive reminds readers that the transfer of propane from one container to another may only be performed by individuals who hold a current Record of Training certificate specific to the containers and equipment used.  The Fuels Learning Centre is one of the Training Providers recognized by BCSA providing a variety of propane transfer courses.

The Fuels Learning Centre offers two courses designed to train individuals on how to conduct visual tank and PRV inspections.  Our primary version of “Visual Tank and PRV Inspection (SO02) is designed for a variety of propane industry personnel.  For propane tank truck operators our “Loading and Unloading Propane Tank Trucks Including Visual Tank & PRV Inspection (TO04)” covers both how to operate the bulk delivery vehicle AND conduct visual tank and PRV inspections.

To read and download a copy of the directive, click on the “Read More” button below.

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