Loading and Unloading Propane Tank Trucks (TO02)

New Version - Low Res - shutterstock_367083527This course has been designed for propane tank truck drivers who load propane from bulk storage and deliver it to end users and other storage locations.  The new version of this course is fully TDG enabled, so your employees will be eligible to receive a TDG training certificate issued by you, the employer.  After completing the nine lessons within this course, your propane tank truck operator will have an understanding of:

  • Propane basics, TDG requirements.
  • Propane tank truck components.
  • Propane bulk plant equipment.
  • Tank truck inspections, maintenance & testing.
  • Loading tank trucks from bulk storage.
  • Unloading metered tank trucks at customer sites.
  • Regulatory restrictions related to truck-to-truck transfers.
  • Re-lighting appliances following out-of-gas situation and the regulatory restrictions related to which jurisdictions allow this activity.
  • Safety & Emergency Response planning.
  • Additional regulatory requirements specific to the jurisdiction where the driver works.

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